Duration: 6 Months

Primary focus of IT Management is to create value with the help of numerous tools & technologies. In today’s time and age, technology plays a very important role in improving the overall value chain in an organization. Therefore effective IT management enables an organization to optimize their resources, improve set business processes and communication and enforce best practices in their respective fields.

The certificate program in IT management will give an overview of the numerous systems and also focus on Enterprise Resource to begin with. This is one of the only course’s which gives an individual the opportunity to further specialize in one of the numerous facets of IT Management like Security & Risk Management or delve into the new age technologies like Big Data or step into the fast growing world of Digital Business.

Program at a glance

1. Understand and analyze business strategies, business processes and organizational structures
2. Helps individuals make better informed decisions related to IT procurement, sourcing and implementation within an organization and outsourcing at an appropriate time
3. Develop a deep understanding of the factors needed to initiate Business Process reengineering wherever required


HSC or SSC + 2yrs Experience

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