Duration: 6 Months

Operations management is a multi-disciplinary field which focuses on managing all the aspects of any organization’s operations. An operations manager’s role is to apply ideas and technologies to increase productivity whilst reducing cost, improve flexibility to meet the ever-changing customer requirements whilst maintaining high quality customer service and assure a safe working environment for all the employees.

The certificate program in Operations Management will help an individual to develop the necessary skills in the operations and functioning of any enterprise in the manufacturing or service sector. The program is ideal for individuals who want to make a career in operations and will equip them with knowledge on topics like Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Service Operations Management.

Program at a glance

1. Understand and analyze business strategies, business processes and organizational structures
2. Helps individuals make better informed decisions related to IT procurement, sourcing and implementation within an organization and outsourcing at an appropriate time
3. Develop a deep understanding of the factors needed to initiate Business Process reengineering wherever required


HSC or SSC + 2yrs Experience

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