Duration: 2 years

The Indian Retail Industry accounts for over 10% of the country’s GDP and around 8% of employment. The industry has immense potential as India has the 2nd largest population with prosperous middle class, speedy urbanization, and growth of the Internet. The retail market is thus expected to reach US$1.1 trillion by 2020 and this is definitely going to create a huge requirement for a trained professional in the sector. These professionals will require skills to manage the large-scale operations, mass inventory and multiple functional activities.

The 2-year PG Program in Retail Management will prepare students to understand the management of shop or a big mall and the intricacies involved in the day to day activities. From getting walk-ins to the store to making a sale and easier check out from the store.

Program at a glance

1.Understand the concepts of general management and integrate it with retail management
2. Develop a sense various activities involved in the retail sector
3. Understand importance of logistics and supply chain management
4. Recognize the importance of governance and risk in the organized retail sector
5. Understand financial and cost implications in the various activities of retail
6. To take decision on store location and its design

Unique features

1.A comprehensive study of retail with cross functional areas of management.
2. The program also covers a detailed study of the various activities in the retail sector
3. Additionally it also covers dynamic areas like CSR, Corporate Governance and various strategies involved.
Focus on Retail segment which includes both organized and unorganized sector.

Who is this course for?

1. Aimed for beginners, mid-level managers or individuals with a passion for Retail management and those who wish to apply these principles for further advancement in their career.
2. Marketing or sales job aspirant graduates or early professionals who want to skill themselves in the Retail Sector
3. Retail Executives interested in sharpening the skills.
4. Business Managers, Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to leverage the digital marketing options to create a global business presence


Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from any recognized University or an equivalent degree recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) with minimum 50% marks at Graduation Level.


Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from any recognized University or equivalent degree recognized by Association of Indian Universities (AIU) with less than 50% marks at Graduation level and minimum 2 years of work experience.

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